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Gourmet Sailing Course Croatia

This special program is conceived as a combination of the Basic Sailing School and introducing the participants to Croatian gastronomy.

Yachting in Croatia Team considers sailing and gastronomy further beyond the fundamental human needs for transport and satisfying the hunger. Sailing is considered sport and leisure activity adjusted and fine tuned to provide you a perfect ratio between relax and physical activity. On another hand, gastronomy is considered a specific activity which purpose is not only satisfying hunger but enjoying different tastes of well prepared food.

Gourmet Sailing Course is designed with special regard to those participants who would like to experience sailing and Croatia in all its beauty, while all senses enjoy. Our approach is to introduce you the ancient local genuine meals prepared in authentic places all over Croatian islands and coast. The food served within Gourmet Sailing Course is organic, locally grown and prepared in old fashioned way, according to the recipes of our ancestors. Additionally, you will also have the chance to try specialties prepared on the point where tradition meets modernity, making a perfect match between old school cuisine and daring recent gastronomy trends.

Dishes you are about to taste while Gourmet Sailing Course is very often impossible to find in commercial restaurants because it is about the very essence of Croatian traditional cuisine, combining sea-food, vegetable, pasta and meat dishes along with homemade desserts. The menu differs according to the route of Gourmet Sailing Course while the principles on authenticity and the highest quality never change! Usual starters on Gourmet Sailing Course would be seafood or octopus salad; marinated and/or salted anchovies and sardines or raw oysters renowned all over the Mediterranean. For meat lovers there is Dalmatian dried ham pršut and homemade sheep cheese.

Gourmet Sailing Course is usually organized with regard to tasting some specialties such as Dalmatian Peka – traditional seafood or meat dish prepared under a steel bell called peka, which is covered with hot charcoal. This type of food preparation ages from the Bronze Age in these areas. Furthermore, there is Dalmatian Pašticada on the menu. It is about beef dish cooked in special sauce which requires long and meticulous preparation: first, the meat is pierced and stuffed with garlic cloves, carrot and bacon, then salted and marinated in vinegar overnight. The marinated beef is then roasted and slowly cooked with onions, parsley root, nutmeg, prunes, tomato paste and prošek (dessert wine similar to port). Pašticada is traditionally prepared as the main course on important feasts such as birthdays, weddings and patron saint days etc., usually served with homemade gnocchi. One of the most popular seafood tidbits along the entire Croatian coast is Brodet (also brudet, brujet etc.) – a fish stew consisted of several types of fish while the most important aspect of this meal is chef’s little secret about ingredients and spices. Brodet is usually served with polenta and is always of a different taste because it really depends on chef’s skill and the fish available at the moment of preparation. One of inevitable seafood specialties is Gregada, most often prepared at the island of Hvar. It is again about fish stew but this time fresh sea bass, shrimp, shark, mullet, and scorpion fish are cooked with potatoes. Gourmet Sailing Course would not be complete without all sorts of risottos such as black cuttlefish risotto, mussels’ risotto or squid risotto, while meat risotto such as beef or veal risotto could also be a part of your gastronomic quest. Special chapter of Dalmatian traditional food is about lamb. It can be prepared with potatoes and vegetables under peka, or more commonly roasted on a spit. More daring lamb lovers have a chance to taste Vitalac, grilled lamb entrails wrapped in bowels. This unique specialty is available only at Brač island. Last but not least, Gourmet Sailing Course includes delicious desserts of which Dalmatian Rožata, Rafioli and Kroštule make a perfect match with previous meals. Rožata refers to delicious traditional Dalmatian pudding with caramel sauce, very similar to French Crème Brulee.

Rafioli are traditional Dalmatian biscuits shaped like crescents, with a sweet filling usually made of ground almonds, spices, aromatic brandy and lemon zest, while their taste and size differ from place to place and chef to chef. Kroštule are traditional Dalmatian pastry made with egg yolks and sour cream and flavoured with rum or rose liqueur. As gastronomy is inseparable from enology, some of the most famous wine cellars and wineries are always on the route, making Gourmet Sailing Course a perfect hedonist experience.

The aim of the course is to familiarize attendees with the basic techniques of sailing through the theoretical and practical teaching with a methodological approach. From the first day, the complete organization on the boat, as well as everyday duties on-board, cleaning, cooking, etc are determined.

DAILY SCHEDULE (Depend on Sailing route)

  • 09:00 a.m. Breakfast on board
  • ​10:00 a.m. Theoretical lecture
  • 11:00 a.m. Practical classes at sea
  • 02:00 p.m. Lunch Break-active participation in cooking
  • 03:30 p.m. Practical classes at sea
  • 05:00 p.m. Arrival in marina
  • 07:00 p.m. Orgainzed dinner in local taverna 3x, on the boat 3x-active team cooking 

*On Friday, Captain's dinner prepared by your skipper instructor

BASE: Marina Mandalina - Šibenik

CHECK IN: Saturday from 4 p.m.
CHECK OUT: Friday till 16 p.m.

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ACCOMMODATION: During all seven days the attendees will be situated on the boat - 6 overnight stays.


  • Breakfast on board-team preparing breakfast
  • Lunch on board - team cooking - (simple food cooked on broad).
  • Dinners are organized as follows - 3x in the local taverns, on the boat 3x-active team cooking.


LANGUAGES:  English, Croatian


PRICE INCLUDES: Professional skipper instructor, boat, accomodation on boat, bedlinen, gas for the kitchen, additional cooking equipment, safety equipment, course materials, T-shirt, inflatable dinghy, outboard engine, final cleaning, tourist tax, 25% VAT, 3 x dinners in tavernas, fuel, Captain's dinner prepared by your skipper instructor.

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Marina fee, food and beverages on boat.


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