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We are all different personalities, and yet sometimes we have to work as a team - how to achieve that and in which way - here is our advice. Yachting in Croatia Team will, according to the wishes of the client, create a special program for all of those whose aim is to create, to build a team or strengthen an existing team spirit and for those who love adventures Sailing is an activity in which people come into direct contact with nature and in a specific way, allowing for the development of a feeling for teamwork.

On board, mutual communication between employees, creativity in problem solving, reducing stress, adjustment and decision making in new situations, getting to know each other better, the acquisition of a completely new experience, strengthening the competitive spirit, etc - is among other things very much emphasized. In addition to the daily tasks on the boat, enjoyable themed evening gatherings are organized, so you can try, for example, to prepare delicacies, karaoke singing, dancing etc - these are the contents that enable team cohesion. So we advise you to award your employees/partners and provide them an unforgettable adventure and socializing amongst each other, because at hte end, effectiveness and productivity of a business moslty depends on a healthy and pleasent work environment.

In Short

The concept of our experience is a simple one, bring a team together, set them a tough but achievable goal and then give them the direction, training, coaching and support needed to accomplish it. That’s where a performance yacht really comes into its own, it needs the people sailing her to work as a team and that’s the experience we can give you. Our approach will develop the strength of your team in a format they won’t forget.

*We may single out our attractive program SAFARI SAILING combined with REGATTA EVENT on monotip/same sailing boats or big sailing boats like Volvo Ocean Race 70,Farr 80...


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